My paypal got hacked!! O_O i never in a million years expected that to be possible!!

i woke up this morning to this email ......

Dear Kirsty Renton,

Your eCheque payment of €1,000.00 EUR to jurgen jurgen ( is in progress. eCheques usually take 5-7 working days to process (estimated: 18/03/2011-22/03/2011). We advise sellers not to post items until they receive payment.

When you pay by eCheque the following interrelated payment orders are processed:

  1. Your bank gets a request to pay PayPal and PayPal receives the funds from your bank.
  2. PayPal holds the payment amount for you in your account, releasing the money to the seller's PayPal account once the funds have cleared and are no longer at risk of being reversed by your bank.

Please refer to the User Agreement for further information.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

Currency conversion: £886.69 GBP = €1,000.00 EUR

The exchange rate for this purchase is 1 British Pound = 1.12780Euros

Payment details

Amount: €1,000.00 EUR
Transaction Date: 12 March 2011
Transaction ID: 02789248RN5882812

Subject: You've got funds.


Like i could afford to sned anyone 1,000 euros! i'm a poor asda girl D:

Thankfully paypal froze my account straight away. They made me change my password and security questions, then asked me to type up my entire bank card to ensure them it was me.

this is such a fucking pain! i have things needing paid for, but for security reasons i'm not aloud to send money untill this gets sorted. I hate you Jurgen Masati >:(

Oh as a heads up to everyone! watch out for this Jurgen Masati! he's apparently a pro hacker, and founder of Albanian Hackers (or something along those lines) with absolutly fuck all better to do with his life! my fiance done some reasearch using his email and name, and that's all that came up on google that this guy is the shit :/ apparently he started by hacking facebook accounts and by the looks of things can now hack paypal accounts. Why he's still able to get away with this shit i don't know, surely folk would've reported him by now :S i know i will be!

Thankfully i will not be paying 1,000 euros O_O paypal got onto that as soon as i sent an unothorised payment report to them D: but man this whole ordeal left me shaken and sick....fucking prick :/
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scotland and it's love for pokemon....

Bah, why does the UK have to suck so bad for pokemon items >_>
When i was younger TRU in edinburgh used to sell LOADS of pokemon toys (unfortunatly back then my parents dictated my money xD so pokemon stuffs where a no no unless it was christmas or my birthday xD) now it only sells the games ;_; I thought they still sold jakks figures...apparently i'm wrong x( and our other major retail store that sold pokemon,even when it was less popular here, shut down due to the economic crises :/

Also, how rare are jakks figures? being in  a country that sucks for pokemon i don't know if $37 is a rip for the new Espeon and Umbreon jakks figures (my latest wants xD) i have them on watch for when i'm more "in the money" than i am now ¬_¬ stupid work! but i can't help feeling this is incredibly steep :/ even if they are popular.

Lulz 3:32 am. Thank you work for messing up my sleeping pattern xD
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American Middle Man Needed D:

Hello guys :D

I'm currently looking for an american middle man that could buy me this amazing plush i found on ebay....i will send details to whomever can help :D

the total cost of the plush with shipping is $49 currently too much for me >_> but thankfully it's BIN and i get paid in a week and the listing still has 10 days so i won't be needing your help untill the 11th xD

Once again i would be incredibly greatful to anyone that can help <3

Advice needed

so i got some bad news from hours are getting hacked brutaly meaning my wages for the next few months are going to be dire...i'm not exaggerating...i mean it :( i really don't know how i'm going to live but oh well...

so i decided the smart thing to do would be to sell stuff that's lying about/ i haven't looked at in years :D

Like all my lord of the rings action figures!! smart idea i thought, they would surely rake in a good load of cash, there's bound to be a collector out there that's crazy for them like i am for pokemon!

then i looked at ebay...loads of figures i have, have been listed and either have a very small bidding price (i thought these figures would go for quite a bit since most arent in production anymore) or no bidders at all D:
I'm gutted....i don't know what to do now :( part of me wants to sell them as i really need cash...but the other wants to keep them since i'm a dork that gets attached to items xD even if i have had them in boxes for years xD and i also want to believe that i f i do keep them a bit longer their value may go up? :S

gaaaah i hate this ¬_¬

i was hoping there could be somewhere else (like a site for LOTR collectors that might appriciate their value a bit more :S) but i can't seem to find anythign :/
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Is this kid clear? :S

the other day i won this over the moon as i think  this is the elusive clear vulpix kid that i've been after for a while :DDDD
the only problem is the picture is crap :/
i sat for ages arguing with myself until i decided to bid on it just to be safe (not like an extra non clear vulpix kid would have bothered me, only the fact that since its on its own and im using SMJ i have to pay $14 for it D:) so anyway :D so anyway here's the picture im on about.

(eee the little cutie <3)
it's sooo hard to tell as it looks really similar to the normal kid D: what do you think?
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I've got tonsillitis ;¬; it sucks! i can't swallow without being in agony D: and i have to miss 4 days of work Dx not good when i need money for christmas shopping!

¬_¬ *grumble*
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glummness followed by happiness

 i...i didn't win my grail of all grails the tomy vulpix plush ;____; *cries forever* i actually went nuts and threw in all the yen i had (44000) but still didnt win :(
turns out i was bidding against some rich japanese bidder :( (i say this as he/she spent 44500 yen on the big vulpix and then a further 12999 yen on the vulpix line zukan O____o i wish i had that kinda money!!!) anyway i was on a downer for a few days as i fought so hard to win :( i kinda got over it but im still glum :(
I have actually gone as far as to scour the internet for days typing in every possible thing, but nothing has came up (i never thought of trying sakusha's idea of typing pocket monsters instead of pokemon xD man did i feel stupid! congrats to her though :D it's nice to see more big vulpix's pop up around here <3 )
anyhoo here i am back to square one :( hoping that another will appear. I've got a little smidgeon of hope that says more might appear since christmas is approaching and folk may be lookign for money/ getting rid of stuff that they no longer need to prevent clutter *musttakealeafouttheirbooks* ONE CAN ONLY HOPE!
I actually got myself so wound up on owning one that i have an name for him (i think they look male xD) and everything :D He will be named Rannoch (pronounced Ranock) after the beautiful Rannoch moor in Scotland x) andthedeeroutoffirebringer ahem ...and he'd be nicknamed scottish pix xD cause am saaad xD

*is not crazy*

On the upside i saved myself a large sum of money xD and currenlty have two commissons nearing completion :D
One is a pokemon plush xD i bet you can't guess who xP the other is this gorgeous girl <3

Click her pick to see a better, bigger photo :D
She shall be called Larka x) no suprise there xD ...or maybe Luna ....we'll see xD
She's pretty much finished, she's only got a few tweeks left then she'll be on her merry way to face the scottish winter xD not as bad as the arctic winter but still cold xD

My other plush is nearly done x) but you'll have to wait for my pkmn collectors post to see it ;)

and Finally

Can anyone help me in my search for a big Tomy vulpix? i've tried so hard xD but to no avail...i've got a couple of contacts in japan that're kindly helping me look for one...but any other help would be much appriciated
I'm willing to go as high as $300 ... but will go higher if it comes to it xD obviously it would be awesome to find one for less but beggers can't be choosers am i right?

and now ima hit the sack as im up in roughly 7 hours time x)

I am officially of ma nut D:

i must be fecking mad!

so the other day, shiny_vulpix  kindly showed me a link to the omgmassiveimusthave vulpix plush :D which is my major must have grail!

i got excited and determind to own it....on the same day some psyco eager japanese bidder hit it upto 20501 yen D: a very very very big sum of money (for me xD)

this crushed my soul ;___;

i told myself i can't afford it....and went in a huff xD not wanting to do anything, lying face down on my bed thinking FUCK! xD

so i watched it...everyday...and it bore into my soul everytime i looked at it....

so i did what i do best

wrecklessly put a bid in xD

it now sits at 30,000 yen O_______O (the japanese bidder wasmore eager than i anticipated!)

i told myself if i win i'll be the happiest person alive :D and if i lose, i'll have saves myself a feck load of money and at least i tried :)

we'll just have to see what happens ;)

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