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I am officially of ma nut D:

i must be fecking mad!

so the other day, shiny_vulpix  kindly showed me a link to the omgmassiveimusthave vulpix plush :D which is my major must have grail!

i got excited and determind to own it....on the same day some psyco eager japanese bidder hit it upto 20501 yen D: a very very very big sum of money (for me xD)

this crushed my soul ;___;

i told myself i can't afford it....and went in a huff xD not wanting to do anything, lying face down on my bed thinking FUCK! xD

so i watched it...everyday...and it bore into my soul everytime i looked at it....

so i did what i do best

wrecklessly put a bid in xD

it now sits at 30,000 yen O_______O (the japanese bidder wasmore eager than i anticipated!)

i told myself if i win i'll be the happiest person alive :D and if i lose, i'll have saves myself a feck load of money and at least i tried :)

we'll just have to see what happens ;)


Oct. 5th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
i don't tell them the prices, its better x3

she is getting expensive, just try and think the max you will go and if not say good bye until next time (it is difficult to stop, but if not..xD i had to say no to myself in the GA with the zukan eeveelution, snif),

lets see if you have luck and the other bidder gives up xDD
go for it! i would if it was a houndoom *-*! (but i am not so lucky as you! no official plush)
Oct. 5th, 2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
yeah me either xD if they ask i lie, haha xD
no harm done as they no nothing about the rarity of pokemon items.

aww man im sorry to hear that :( it sucks when that happens. At the moment i'm sitting on my high bid D: probably a stupid thing to do xD but after watching the bids come to a halt at 20501 yen i figured no one would try to outbid me xD, i'll just have to wait and see x)

aww i know the feeling :( my all time favourite pokemon is ninetales and she has no official plush either, it's annoying ¬_¬
(That custom houndoom plush you got is absolutly stunning! <3 you're very lucky :D)

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