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glummness followed by happiness

 i...i didn't win my grail of all grails the tomy vulpix plush ;____; *cries forever* i actually went nuts and threw in all the yen i had (44000) but still didnt win :(
turns out i was bidding against some rich japanese bidder :( (i say this as he/she spent 44500 yen on the big vulpix and then a further 12999 yen on the vulpix line zukan O____o i wish i had that kinda money!!!) anyway i was on a downer for a few days as i fought so hard to win :( i kinda got over it but im still glum :(
I have actually gone as far as to scour the internet for days typing in every possible thing, but nothing has came up (i never thought of trying sakusha's idea of typing pocket monsters instead of pokemon xD man did i feel stupid! congrats to her though :D it's nice to see more big vulpix's pop up around here <3 )
anyhoo here i am back to square one :( hoping that another will appear. I've got a little smidgeon of hope that says more might appear since christmas is approaching and folk may be lookign for money/ getting rid of stuff that they no longer need to prevent clutter *musttakealeafouttheirbooks* ONE CAN ONLY HOPE!
I actually got myself so wound up on owning one that i have an name for him (i think they look male xD) and everything :D He will be named Rannoch (pronounced Ranock) after the beautiful Rannoch moor in Scotland x) andthedeeroutoffirebringer ahem ...and he'd be nicknamed scottish pix xD cause am saaad xD

*is not crazy*

On the upside i saved myself a large sum of money xD and currenlty have two commissons nearing completion :D
One is a pokemon plush xD i bet you can't guess who xP the other is this gorgeous girl <3

Click her pick to see a better, bigger photo :D
She shall be called Larka x) no suprise there xD ...or maybe Luna ....we'll see xD
She's pretty much finished, she's only got a few tweeks left then she'll be on her merry way to face the scottish winter xD not as bad as the arctic winter but still cold xD

My other plush is nearly done x) but you'll have to wait for my pkmn collectors post to see it ;)

and Finally

Can anyone help me in my search for a big Tomy vulpix? i've tried so hard xD but to no avail...i've got a couple of contacts in japan that're kindly helping me look for one...but any other help would be much appriciated
I'm willing to go as high as $300 ... but will go higher if it comes to it xD obviously it would be awesome to find one for less but beggers can't be choosers am i right?

and now ima hit the sack as im up in roughly 7 hours time x)



Oct. 18th, 2010 07:04 pm (UTC)
Re: big vulpix... its a custom though.....
LoL okay. Well- I hadnt told you about it as I didnt know if you would be interested >.< Glad i found out. :) Hope you find the tomy!!!!! *crosses fingers for you* :D

good luck!

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