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Just a random spraff :)

So yesterday i went into Edinburgh to go see Alpha and Omega xD with my two friends Lyndsey and Ceilidh and my Fiance Drew :)
what an eventful day this turn out to be xD
first of all, my phone is fucked O.o i've had no signal for nearly 3 weeks ...that sounds shocking and yeah i should have had it sorted sooner since im on a £35 a month contract xD but i'd have to travel to Edinburgh but it costs waaaay to much -roughly £11 by train which takes 20mins from where i stay , Dunbar, to get to Edinburgh OR i could spend £2 less and go by bus which takes an hour O.o so i figured i'd hold off untill yesterday :)
Now this may sound confusing but i only got signal if i plugged my phone into the computer or charger O___o so i figured on tuesday night that i'd take this opertunity to text Orange (my network) to get a code to get me into the cinema for free x)  -orange wednesdays ftw!- but me being me i forgot :x
so on the train down i remebered and feaked xD i didnt want to spend another £7.20 or whatever in the cinema -_-' im already nearly skint xD
so we ran to the shop where i got my contract and they sent me to the Orange shop who sent me back to phones 4 u O.o where the guy that worked there told me my internal arial is busted so my phone has to be sent away to be repaired ;¬; nooooo! but before that Drew told the guy the strange singnal when chraging story and the guy connected it to the PC to see if it would work, while he done that Drew piped up again and said "here mate you wouldny mind letting her text Orange, would you?" the guy laughed and went "aah is this for the cinema? you can use mine if you want?" there aren't many folk that'd do that :)...not here anyway xD so i felt special for that wee moment.
ONce we left and finally got to the cinema, i stood in watching mums with their kids getting served and thought " we must look like right numptys waiting to get into a U (suitable for anyone aged 4 and up) when we range from 19 to 22" xD only to find that we where the only 4 people going to see it :D totaly amazing! i loved having the cinema to myself xD no screaming kids, or immature brats or anything just peace to listen to the movie xD which turned out to be really funny xD

After that we went to Tribal.....tattoos and piercings....at this point i was crapping myself (not literaly xD) as i'd decided the week before that i was going to get my 15th piercing...my belly button/navel thingy xD i'd been wanting it done since i was 14 but my parents put scary thoughts into my head...

Dad: you can get septicemia and die!..or they'll cut the skin from around you're body anf replace it with new skin to get rid of the infection blah blah
and other stuff xD then it occured to me...that'll only happen if i dont take proper care of it :)
so i knuckled down and got it done...after many minutes of me flapping about going oh god oh god, im scared, ahhh D: oh crap, what've i got myself into, etc xD
it was fine :) it wasn't sore at all :D and i got a surgical steel bar with a purple gem :)
After that it was supposed to be ceilidh's trun xD but she was going to get her tongue pierced xD she was scared about chipping her teeth so she decided to leave it.
That was untill her sister and her friend showed up while we where having a feed and some coffee at prince's mall :) they managed to convince her as her sister's friend wanted it done too xD so we trecked back but to a different piercing shop and after more flapping and worrying they both finally got it done xD and apparently it doesn't hurt either :D it's like someone scratching your tongue apparently xD
So after an eventfull day in Edinburgh i came away with a new piercing :D and a cold ¬_¬ i can't swollow without being in agony! i hate this time of year for that! and to make it worse the pain goes from the left side of my throat to my left ear D: no fun!

Random note : i saw a barn owl on the way to work x) first time i've seen an owl in nearly 2 years :D weeee! pretty burds <3 makes me want to see the legend of the Guardians more now x'D

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