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what a month


well first off i hope everyone had a fantastic christmas :D <3  i was going to make a "merry christmas to all my friends" post but christmas past by waaay to quickly O_o

this is waht my darling brothers got me x'D i love it to bits <3

huge Simba FTW <3

Big Daddy Simba with Regular Simba :D for size  comparrison xD

lenght wise x) ...god my photo taking skills where lame that day O_o

and from my fiance another Giant beauty <3

He's amazing! the first wolf plush...infact the first plush with paws i've ever recieved that actually has dewclaws :D (or doggy thumbs as i used to call them as a kid x'D)  sooo amazing <3

My dewclaw weilding wolf and his new pack x) isn't he a big feller <3..and its my photo skills so amazing ¬_¬ deary me

but before the joys of christmas  we had such an annoying amount of snow ¬_¬ seriously it was pretty at first but it soon went too far ¬_¬ my dad couldnt get to his work, the post was messed up, i struggled to get to my guinea pigs every night and every night their water bottles froze D: seriously what a nightmare!!

speaking of guineas, i'm sad to say i lost one of my little weeps :( R.I.P Blaez <3 (means wolf in old Breton apparently)

Mummy's going to miss you :'( say hi to Rosie, Suzie, Peppy, Patch, Fudge, Bessie, Flash, Anakin, Phoebe, Raven, Rannoch, Kahz, and Pippin,  (O_o i was beginning to forget how many have past) for me <3 i mss them all so much :( - my friends think im wierd for talking about guinea pigs like this but i really dont care x) they're like my children xD
so 12 has became 11 :( and i really hope the numbers dont drop any lower because of this weather...man i wish i could put them in the shed :(

in other news, at the end of november sorta time me and my fiance bought a new kitten :D her name is Gypsy x) we bought her as a companion for Toby :D

gypsy looking for her christmas present xD

Toby and Gypsy looking snug <3

And to top off this amazing month my entire family has the flu ¬_¬
me and my dad are suffering the worst...i can actually hear my dad right now coughing up his lungs from downstairs :( its crap! ive missed 2 days of work...going on three...i got slight symptoms on christmas but thankfully nothing to severe, but for the past few days i couldnt get out of bed, my muscles hurt everywhere, i have a cough that feels like it'll destroy my throat, my eyes feel like someone has been squeezing them D: its not nice ¬_¬
On the upside i found out today that one heck of an amazing ninetales plush that i comissioned a while back is finished :D i really cannot wait to show it off! it is absolutely gorgeous <3 that will be posted along side another ninetales plush that i recieved just before christmas! another absolute beauty <3 :D  so i suppose this month hasn't been to bad x) i also have another lined up to be made x) cannot wait to see how that turns out <3

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