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Advice needed

so i got some bad news from work...my hours are getting hacked brutaly meaning my wages for the next few months are going to be dire...i'm not exaggerating...i mean it :( i really don't know how i'm going to live but oh well...

so i decided the smart thing to do would be to sell stuff that's lying about/ i haven't looked at in years :D

Like all my lord of the rings action figures!! smart idea i thought, they would surely rake in a good load of cash, there's bound to be a collector out there that's crazy for them like i am for pokemon!

then i looked at ebay...loads of figures i have, have been listed and either have a very small bidding price (i thought these figures would go for quite a bit since most arent in production anymore) or no bidders at all D:
I'm gutted....i don't know what to do now :( part of me wants to sell them as i really need cash...but the other wants to keep them since i'm a dork that gets attached to items xD even if i have had them in boxes for years xD and i also want to believe that i f i do keep them a bit longer their value may go up? :S

gaaaah i hate this ¬_¬

i was hoping there could be somewhere else (like a site for LOTR collectors that might appriciate their value a bit more :S) but i can't seem to find anythign :/


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Jan. 25th, 2011 07:50 am (UTC)

i am so sorry to hear that your hours have been cut way back! any chance of finding a 2nd job? or a better job?

as for selling your lord of the rings stuff, sorry i have no suggestions or at least any that you likely haven't thought of yourself; ebay, local comic book store(not sure if they buy stuff like this), local used place(i have a local place called Bookmans. they sell used books, magazines, cds, tapes, video games, and pretty much anything else!). i just thought of this idea(very crazy); would it be worth it to ship me some of the stuff(maybe 2 of your best items) and i could take it up to the store to see what they would give me for it? i am not sure of the cost it would take to ship the items to me and i don't know if you would get your money back plus. there is another store like Bookmans called Half Price books. both stores don't give much cash for items though.....humm....just an idea:) i hope things get better for you!
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