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gawd i haven't posted here since i got engaged O_O

how time flys! funny as it's not like i've been doing anything :/

my hours got cut at work again...i now only work 2 days a week! friday and saturday! so basically for the entire week i'm sat alone and bored, eveyday is groundhog day since all my friends are ether working or at college/uni, then when it comes to the weekend, i can't go out with them as i;m stuck in work ;-;
It's pretty depressing :( i really want to quit my job, but there isn't anywhere else i can go. With the economy the way it is i'm lucky to have a job :/
There was always college but that's only helpful if you know what you want to do. I dont. And it's been that way since i was in 4th year at grammar school. I know i want to work with animal, wolves in particular , but that's easier said than done. I have looked online over and over again for college/uni coarses but nothin comes up :(

My parents aren't helping much either,i know they mean well but they are constantly getting on my back about my life :( i understand and appreciate their concern but it's seriously getting to me, it's putting me down :( i've been trying to find a new job, i've been trying to find something i'd like to do until i retire, but so far nothing is coming up :( I have so much going on in my head at the moment it's no wonder i can't sleep Dx

I'm engaged and want to be married at 21 (i'm currently 19) i want to start a family at 25..i haven't got a proper full time job so i'm earning shit pence and if i don't find one soon,this aint gonna happen for a long time ;-;
i know this month my wage will be shit :( and i have to give my fiance money, my mum money, SMJ money and i have to take the kitten to the vet -__- it never fails! i got my money now, and by tomorrow evening i'll be down at least 150-200 GBP ...and i only get paid monthly ;__; so whatever is left (and i assure not a lot) i have to make that last me 4weeks!
and to top it all off my laptop got a sever virus -_- not that big a deal but still annoying as the programme i have it running off is crap xD (but better than nothing) as everytime i boot it up i need to enter my hub key and download numerous programmes D:

uurrff life can be such a bitch!

last month was tough enough! and i got paid more than this month! *ANGSSSTT*

On the upside ... we got a kitteh :D an adorable male tabby :D we named him Toby <3 iluffhisraccoonliketailx3
(when i'm using a laptop i can upload photos to i will post one of him x) )

Best day of my life!

OMG what a week!

first off i had five days off work to enjoy >:D

secondly my ninetales zukan grail comes in the post along with a few other great ninetales stuff xP

thirdly my guinea pig had three beautiful babies (meaning i now have 8 mini weeps xD)

me and my boyfriend went to the cinema for the first time in ages then bought red dead redemption (best game evar...along with a few others but anyway :P)

me and my friend got left the keys to the tack room of a guy we know's stables, meaning we can go horseriding for free whenever we want! which we did xD

and now for the finale!

today (June 13th 2010), after beign together for 9 months, my boyfriend proposed!
we are now engadged! <3 :'D
he was such a romantic about it too!
He treated me and my family to a meal at the local indian resturant (seriously delicious food served there!)
once we finished our meals, he popped the question infront of all my family <3
i started greetin x'D (har har should've wore waterproof mascara xD)
i am now the happiest woman on earth and beyond <3

i love you so much Drew Bathgate <3

tattoos x)

Such a random thing to talk about xD
it's almost been a year since i got mine x) i absolutly love it <3
i'd always wanted one since i was 14 but never really knew what to get. I knew i had to be careful as tattoos are with you for life!
i went through many ideas, most where my own creation as i LOVE to draw and according to others have an "amazing imagination"
one of my ideas was to base the tattoo on this
click to see more :pCollapse )

i can't sleep so ima ramble x)

OMG! Happy birthday to me!!

Today is my 19th birthday xD...well i suppose it is since it is 2am UK time on the 11th of May ^_^

and i thought to myself, " y'know kirsty, you havn't taken a look at what ninetales things could be for sale on Y!J in a while so lets take a deek" xD

i didn't expect to find much other than cards and kids i already have but i thought it couldn't hurt ^_^

and oooh boy am i glad i did!!!

i thought ninetale only had 3 existing kids! the original (no orange tips) the new normal kid (with orange tips)
(seen here)

and the clear kid (with orange tips) - which i have but haven't photoed yet xD-

it turns out i was wrong! there is a fourth!!

this beauty!!

A clear no orange tip ninetales for the original kid!!! <333

i am sooo lucky it had a buy it now option ;_; best self bought birthday present EVARR xD


Kids GA spares

Shipping form the UK to anywhere :D
please bear in mind that international shipping will take a while and cost a bit :x

Auctions shall be ending on the 16th of May at 4Pm UK time :

Any concerns/questions ask at the thread :D

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bidding on an AG eevee!

omg i'm soo nervous i'm shaking!!

the auction has 10 mins and i'm the highest bidder D: i'm scared!

oh god the drama! the guy that was the highest bidder is hitting up the price but not beating me!

gah time to up my max just incase!!

ok all is quite on the northern front! *fingers crossed*
. hahaha my legs are shaking now xD
.urf they bid again! >_< meaning it's gonna go on for another 10 mins!!!....oh no wait it was someone else -_-' great!

i have now also realised this is gonna be an expensive plush in the end D:
.OMG 5 mins left! now i'm really shaking!
4 mins left..common!
3 mins left D: arrrgh this is soo aaah! xD
2 minnssss!
1 min! xD
oh the dramaCollapse )

Feedback :)

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thank you :D

OMG i don't need this D:

So i'm sitting quite happily in my room, sharing my excitiment about my pregnant guinea pig when mum shouts up to me to come see her for a min as something was confusing her on her online banking.

I happily obliged and took a look for her, she'd been mysteriously charged £45 from paypal, no explaination, reciever name etc, and another £27 on a different occasion.

We both scratched our heads as i had no idea either. Untill it finally hit me. I'd forgot to change what card/bank account was going to be charged for MY spending habits!

I feel totally shit. Mum doesn't mind she understands it was an honest mistake :) <3
But i already thought those transactions had came off my account and spent more money >_<
She will get the money back asap, i'm just not looking forward to being skint for the next 3 weeks D:

Thank god i bought soulsilver before all this happend at least when it arrives i'll have that to keep my mind off spending xD

pregnant guinea pig x)

OMG she's huge!

this is Bella <3

click for cutenessCollapse )