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whitewolflarka's Journal

11 May 1991
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Photobucketbasics :D
Name: Kirsty
Age: 19
Country : Scotland
Religion: None, i'm a Darwinist x) (believe in the theory of evolution)
starsign: Taurus

now that you know the basics i'll tell you a bit about me :)
i love animals, always have always will :D
(ironically this doesn't make me vegetarian, i absolutly love meat :D)
personally i think becoming a veggie, to "save the poor cows etc" is wrong as, if everyone were to suddenly become veggie on this basis, the "poor cows etc" would have to be meaninglessly slaughtered as the farmers would no longer be able to afford to keep them as they'd lose the profit they were making from the "poor cow's etc" :)
my favourite animal is the wolf <3
i wanted to be a vet since i was a wee lassie but realised it couldn't happen for two reasons. 1) you need to score A's in biology , physics and chemistry...bio and chem fair enough, physics not a chance :( and being as it's such a hard course to get into i gave up on that dream 2) i'd cry every time an animal died xD.
At the moment i have 14 guinea pigs , 2 sows 8 babies and 3 boars :D 2 black labradors, Benn and Ozzie, never a dull moment xD, and a crazy, human hateing cockateil called coco :) i have warned my boyfriend that once i move in with him, i'm wanting more dogs, a few cats and guinea pigs (wether he likes it or not xP)
i love horseriding <3 curretly fitting it in around work xD it's a chore but i'm so glad i can do it again now and for free!
i also totally LOVE pokemon <3 Ninetales being my ultimate favourite along with vulpix <3 and every other one that resembles a canine :D
drawing is another hobbie of mine as is reading manga and fantasy novels :D
Although i said i'm not religious i do "practice" wicca from time to time (technically it isn't a religion as there is no god involved, it's more to do with nature/elements :D)

i think i've rambled enough :D if you'd like to know more about me, don't hesitate to ask :D <3Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket